“You’re Worth It!”

This past week I had the privilege of being the speaker at a youth camp, and after one of the services a young lady asked if she could talk to me.  We sat down in the back of the chapel and I asked her how I could help her.

With her head down, she softly said, “I just don’t feel like I’m worth it.”  She went on to tell me how other students picked on her, and she didn’t feel like she was worth anything.

I reminded her that she was created with a purpose, and that she didn’t have to let other peoples opinions of her become her reality.  What God thinks of her is what matters, and what other people think and say does not define who she is.

Each time I reminded her that she was indeed worth it, her face lit up as if no one had ever told her that before.  My heart broke for her, and I hoped that my brief conversation, along with the messages of the week were able to help her.

I had several such conversations with young people this past week, and it was a stark reminder that there are many people….both youth and adults who allow the labels other people put on them to define them.

Maybe it’s the negative words of an ex-spouse, a jealous coworker, an unhappy boss or teacher, or a random person we don’t even know.

We should never allow the negative words of other people to become who we think we are.  Try to take any criticism you receive and see if there might be some truth in it, but don’t ever allow it to define you.

Each of us were created with a purpose.  No one has the ability to define who we are unless we give them that ability.   We are defined by the choices we make each and every day.

Some people tend to allow their past to define them.  They allow past experiences, setbacks, and failures to become their identity.

Don’t allow the mistakes of yesterday to affect your today, and don’t allow the frustrations and problems of today to affect your tomorrow.

Each day is a new day, and you were given breath again today to live out your meaning and purpose.  Live with passion!  Live on fire with a contagious enthusiasm.

You were created with a purpose.  You’re worth it!  Don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise.

You were born for a purpose!  You were born for greatness.  You’re worth it!

You're worth it
“It’s never too late to become what you might have been.”
-George Eliot


“You can’t turn the clock back to start again but you can
start now and create a brand new end.”
-John Maxwell


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt


“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”
-William James


“Activity is Not Accomplishment – 3 Tips for Being More Productive.”

Are you busy?

Of course you are!  Everyone has a to-do list a mile long, and is working hard to get things done.

We are all busy, but sometimes we think being busy is the same as being productive.

It’s not.

John Wooden said, “Never confuse activity with accomplishment.”

Are you doing the right things at the right times?

There are many, many things we could be doing with our time, yet a lot of us get caught up with being busy, but not really accomplishing much.

Have you ever opened up your laptop to work on something important, only to find yourself checking social media, going through emails, watching videos, catching up on the news, etc?   You say to yourself, “I’ll just click this one thing”…then that leads to another click, and then another…

Of course you have!  We’re all guilty at some point.

It’s important to watch the news, go through emails, and check social media.  However, if you don’t do “first things first”, before you know it, an hour….two hours have passed and you are no further along with your project than when you first turned on the computer.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing what you need to accomplish.  You must do the right things.

A person who isn’t doing the right things is like a dog chasing its tail – you’re going NO WHERE fast!

Ask yourself at various times throughout the day, “What is the most productive thing I could be doing right now?”  And then focus on doing that.

Remember, you are in charge of you.  You make decisions on how you will spend each moment of your day.  If you don’t like your results, you get to change your actions so that you can bring about something different.

Here are three tips that have helped me to not just be busy, but to be productive:

1.  Do one productive thing and get some momentum to get the ball rolling in a positive direction.  When you find yourself getting sucked into something nonproductive, stop and do one productive thing, maybe something easy, but something that will get your mind refocused on what’s important.

2.  Remind yourself of how good it will feel when you have accomplished the task.  Can you recall a time when you got something important done?  Maybe something that you had put off, or something that just wasn’t very fun, but necessary?  Remember how you felt when you did it, and tell yourself, “I did it before, I’m going to do it again.”

3.  Schedule your day, especially the first 90 minutes.  Write out a schedule for when you will wake up, and what you will do for the first hour and a half.   Make a schedule for your entire day when you can.  Of course there will be unexpected things that come up that will need your attention, so you have to be flexible.  There may be meetings you have to go to, and time that you are not completely in charge of.

I have found the early mornings to be a great time to get things done.  There are no interruptions, and seldom anything unexpected when I wake up at 4:00am and spend the first 90-120 minutes doing what I have predetermined is important.

Decide how you are going to spend your day.  You are more than capable of shifting your focus, and getting on top of all that you have to do.

Don’t just be busy today….choose to be productive!

Ask yourself, “What is the most productive thing I could be doing right now?”  And then do it!
Hamster wheel“The hardest thing about being productive is not the work,
but the split second it takes to decide to take control.”
-David Allen


“Unsuccessful people are busy being busy.
Successful people are busy being productive.”
-Kevin Abdulrahman


“The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing.”
-Walt Disney

5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Believe in Yourself

5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Believe in Yourself.

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you have confidence in your abilities?

Maybe you have a dream of something you want to do…or something you want to become, but you are just not sure if you have it in you to pull it off.

Maybe you’ve set a personal goal, but you keep telling yourself, “This type of success is only achieved by other people, not me.”

No matter what you are facing, how difficult the task may be, or the obstacles you have to overcome, you must have faith that you are able and capable of handling anything and everything life throws at you.

No matter what dream you have inside, how crazy it may seem to other people, you must believe that it’s possible for you!

Here are 5 powerful reasons why you should believe in yourself:

1.  You’ve already beaten the odds!
The probability of you being born is 1 in 400 trillion!   Did you get that?  1 in 400 TRILLION!! You’ve already beaten the odds just by making it into this world, so why stop now?

You need to understand that you are hard-wired for success.  Don’t be one who allows the difficulties of life, and the doubts that flood your mind to suppress your courage and ability to overcome.

You were born with natural survival instincts.  Instincts to not just survive but thrive.  Your brain and nervous system were designed to do incredible things.

The truth is, you are capable for so much more than you think you are.

I see it often in athletics.  My players think they are giving everything they’ve got.  Much of the time there is another gear that hasn’t kicked in yet.  I have to teach them they are capable of more.

There is more inside of them that needs to come out; and there is more inside of you!

You are capable of so much more, and if you are like a lot of people I meet, you are selling yourself short about what’s actually possible for your life.

You were born as a champion.  You were born to overcome.  You already beat the odds to get here, so keep going!  YOU are the ONE in 400 trillion!

2. You’ve done it before, you’ll do it again.
There have been hurdles in your past that you’ve gotten over.   You would not be where you are today, wherever that may be, if you were not able to overcome some obstacles.

The problem with overcoming obstacles is that when the adversity passes we quickly forget how challenging it was, and how discouraged we once were.

The current mountain you are facing may be casting a huge shadow of doubt about whether you can scale it or not.  Stop for a minute and remember…even make a written list of all the previous mountains you’ve overcome.

Don’t allow your current mountain to conquer you.  Just like previous mountains in your past, you will conquer this one too.

After a recent speaking engagement I was talking with an individual who was feeling very defeated, and I discovered he was only focusing on the negative in his life.  He was haunted by his past failures, and couldn’t get over all the times he messed up.  As we talked, I tried to get him to focus on the successes of his past, instead of dwelling on the defeats.

What about you?  Do you tend to focus more on your past defeats rather than your successes?

It’s important that you remember your victories because there will be a time when you need to draw on those successes.  When you are facing self doubt, remind yourself of all the times you’ve already overcome!

3.  You’re not alone
We all have limiting beliefs.  Every person on the planet has had times when they experience self-doubt, and question themselves.

The successful people have their doubts and fears….and keep going anyway!

It’s not a matter of getting rid of your doubts and fears; it’s the ability to move ahead in spite of them.  When faced with difficulty and uncertainty you have two emotions: FEAR and COURAGE.  It’s not that there will be an absent of one, and a presence of the other; they are both there.

You have to decide which one you will choose.

The more courageous acts you take, the more courage you will naturally have.  The more you risk and succeed, the more confidence you will gain.

You have to be willing to put yourself out there.  Just go for it!  If it doesn’t work, so what?  You just learn from your mistakes, and keep going.

Someone once said, “Success is easy.  You just keep failing until you get it right.”

You should believe in yourself, in your dream, in your purpose, in your abilities because everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone has obstacles to overcome.  You are not alone.  You are not the first one to feel the way you do.

4.  You have unique talents and gifts
You should believe in yourself because you’ve been given unique talents, gifts, and abilities.

You were born for a purpose, and only YOU can fulfill that unique purpose.   Believe in yourself, and do the things you were born to do because you are equipped to do them.

Don’t allow the obstacles, the naysayers, and difficulties to keep you from using your talents.  You can conquer the mountain of self-doubt that’s staring you in the face if you begin to take action, engaging your talents, gifts, and strengths.

The more you do what you’re good at, the more victories will come your way, and the more your confidence will grow.   Your greatest talent is much more powerful than your greatest fear.  You’ve got this!

5. People are counting on you.
There are people who are counting on you to come through.  The world is waiting for you to show them what gifts and contributions you are going to bring.

Don’t let fear and doubt rob them of what they need from you!  The purpose of your life goes beyond you.   Your influence goes much farther than you think, and there are people who need what you have to give them.

Of course those close to you, your family and friends are depending on you.  But there are also those people that your life will touch down the road that you don’t even know yet.  But if you give in to your doubts, you are preventing yourself from becoming the person you are intended to become, which will lead to someone missing out on being touched by you.

There are people depending on you, so make sure you believe in yourself, believe in your purpose, in your dream, and make a difference in the world!

Biggest Wall Coach Greeno

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing we
would literally astound ourselves.”
-Thomas Edison


“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.”
-Emma Bombeck


“Believe you can, and you are half way there.”
-Theodore Roosevelt


“Just believe in yourself.  Even if you don’t, pretend
that you do and, at some point, you will.”
-Venus Williams


“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride and never quite, you’ll be a winner.  The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.”
-Bear Bryant

believe in yourself unstoppable

“Are you focused on the prize or the process?”

What goal have you been working towards?  Has it been hard?  Have you experienced setbacks, pain, and frustrations? Do you find yourself wanting it “NOW”?

I want you to consider the PRIZE and the PROCESS.

The difficulty you are experiencing in the pursuit of your goal is normal.  Pain, adversity, and failure are just a part of the process that you must go through.

We live in an “I want it now” world, where nearly everything is accessible in a moments notice.  In a moment you can get a piece of information…in a moment you can get a meal…in a moment you can get a hold of someone anywhere in the world.  In this day and age so many things are possible “in a moment”.

But one thing you can’t get in a moment is the prize.   The prize in your life does not come quickly, and it does not come easily.

The prize is the relationship you want, the weight you want to be at, the amount of money you want to make, the health you want, the job you want to have, the marathon you want to run, or any other worthwhile goal.

The prize takes time…and it takes pain.  It requires a process.

slow down calm down
You cannot skip the process and go directly to the prize!  You have to be patient, you have to keep working, you have to stay focused.   The patience you have today will lead to your breakthrough tomorrow, if you do not give up.

You’ve already been going this long, you can’t quit now! Be patient, the prize will come if you keep working at it, making small progress each day.

Remember, slow progress is still progress.

Not only must you be patient, but you must also push through the pain.  The pain you are going through is a part of the process.  It will pass…it will get better.  Fighting for your goal means you fight through the pain.

No worthwhile prize can be attained without the pain.

You may go through pain for a month, a year, 5 years or even longer.  The greater your goal, the greater the pain and the greater the obstacles.   The one thing you cannot do is give up!  Just because your in pain does not mean you should quit.  You’re already in pain, you might as well get something out of it.

Don’t let all the pain you’ve experienced to this point be nor naught.  Keep pushing, keep getting back up, keep going.

Perhaps you feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps backward.  Maybe it seems all the forces are fighting against you.  Remember that what you are going through is a part of the necessary process of reaching your goal.

One day that relationship will be where you want it to be.  One day you will have that career, that degree, that money in savings.  One day you will be at that weight you want.  One day will come.  Will you stay with the process even if the prize does not come when you think it should?

If you didn’t have any obstacles, any failures, any adversities, then your prize wouldn’t be very worthwhile.

Stick with the process.  It’s not even about attaining the prize anyway, it’s about who you become and what you learn along the way.    Yes, the prize is important.  Yes, the prize is greatly desired, maybe even necessary, but what happens inside you during the journey is more important than the destination itself.

Commit to the process!

The process requires patience, it requires pain.   Don’t focus on the prize or you may forget about the process.  Focus on the process and the prize will eventually come.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success
unexpected in common hours.”
-Henry David Thoreau


“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”
-Margaret Thatcher


“Success doesn’t happen overnight.  Keep your eye
on the prize and don’t look back.”
-Erin Andrews


“The secret of making dreams come true can be summarized in four C’s.
They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy.
-Walt Disney





“Increase your productivity!”

Do you want to be more productive?

Doing this one thing will literally change your life:  It’s the “Do It Now” mentality.

Many people have developed a bad habit of procrastination! Psychology Today reports that nearly 20% of all people chronically put things off.   A study done by the American Psychological Association showed that the number of people who procrastinate is on the rise, and that it makes people less healthy, less wealthy, and less happy.

The good news is that if a habit can be learned, it can be unlearned.  Procrastination is not something you are born with that you cannot overcome.  It is a habit…an attitude…a mindset that as you get older tends to become more of who you are, and more of how you see yourself.

But you can change that!

You can begin to break the habit by simply adopting the do it now mentality.  This means if it can be done now, then it should be done now.  Think about how much happier you’d be, and how much more you would accomplish in a day if you did this.

Adopt the Do It Now mentality!

There’s no question, it’s a battle!  But it’s a battle YOU CAN win.  The most important battles in your life are those internal battles inside.

There may always be part of you that wants to put things off; but there is also a part of you that wants to be disciplined and productive.  Winning the battles inside begins with a decision that you will not give in to the negative mindsets that are holding you back from being all that you can be.

The more small, seemingly insignificant battles you win each day, the more you begin to shift your mentality and build momentum.  In the morning, when you wake up, do it now!  Throughout the day, do it now!  When it’s time to eat, to work out, to make that tough phone call, to finish working on that project, to starting a chore, do it now.  In every area of your life, do it now!

shove into gear Dave Mahoney quote

The biggest reason we don’t “do it now” is because we just don’t “feel’ like doing it now.  The biggest key to the D.I.N. motto is to remember that your feelings have no say!  Your feelings are never a part of the equation.  A great definition of discipline is to “do what you have to do, when you have to do it, whether you feel like it or not.”

So you don’t feel like doing it…..that’s ok!  Do it now anyway. If you allow your feelings to dictate what you do and don’t do, you will get very little done.

Always ask yourself:  What is the most productive thing I could be doing right now?

You can develop a new habit of doing it now, and you can break that old habit of putting things off.  Decide that that will be your new mindset, be ready to win that inner battle, and don’t let how you feel be in charge of your life!

You’ve got this!

Do it now!
nike quote you said

Cycle of Success!

Think about what you’re thinking about!

The way you think determines everything about the quality of your life.  Studies have shown that your life will naturally move towards what you think about most.

If you think negative thoughts, losing thoughts…then you will get more negativity and losing in your life.  If you think positive thoughts, winning thoughts, thoughts of being a champion…then your life will naturally move in that direction.

Everything begins with how you think.  And your thinking is something that you and you alone control.  No one but you can determine your thoughts.

You’re thinking creates a cycle.

Here’s how the cycle works:  What you think about greatly determines how you feel.  How you feel determines your actions, and your actions determine your results.  Your results determine your thinking and the cycle starts over again.

The results you want begin with how you think.

Take a minute and evaluate the quality of your thoughts.  See if you catch yourself today thinking negative thoughts, or dis-empowering thoughts.

Your thoughts will make or break you.  Get rid of the self limiting thoughts that do not serve you.  Replace them with thoughts of confidence, thoughts of success, thoughts of accomplishing.  When you think the right things, you begin to feel differently, which leads to different actions, which ultimately brings about different results.

Now, there may be times that no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to get your thoughts where you want them to be.  Maybe you’ve found yourself so angry, or so depressed, or so upset that your mind keeps going back to negative thinking.

If this happens to you, then you need to quickly jump to actions!   Sometimes we need to “trick” our mind and go right to the action step.  Determine the feeling you are trying to get to, and then take action, as if you already felt that way. When you take action, then feelings will follow.

For example, if you are not feeling very enthusiastic about something, act the way you would if you had enthusiasm.    When you do this, enthusiasm will naturally follow, and you will have the actions needed to bring about the results you want.   You can jump start yourself onto the Cycle of Success!

Do the action you know you should do, and then the feeling will naturally follow.
Quotes on Thinking
“Every thought we think is creating our future.”
-Louise Hay—–

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”
-Elbert Hubbard—–

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”
-Henry Ford


“The greatest discover of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering the attitudes of their mind.”
-William James


“The Winner’s Circle!”

same mission as you
Who’s in your circle?

It’s been said that you are the average of the five people you hang out with most.   Give thought to who you are with, and if they are people who are helping you get to where you want to go.

Remember, winner’s hang with winners and losers hang with losers.  If you want to win, it is a MUST that you surround yourself with winners.  You cannot be a winner, and have losers in your life.

Winner’s create a winning culture.  It’s true with teams, as well as individuals.  You create a winning culture in your life by how you think, what you do, and who you associate with!  You will gain significant ground towards achieving your goals when you are with people who are also goal oriented.

Do you want to do more? Then get around people who do more…

…Do you want to make more of a difference?  The get around people who make more of a difference…

…Do you want more income?  Then get around people who have more income…

…Do you want to become healthier, then get around people who are healthier…

…Do you want to become more spiritual, then get around people who are more spiritual…

See how they think…see what they expect from themselves and others….see what decisions they make…see how they handle problems….see what their habits are.  The more you are around them, the more their style and culture will rub off on you. Scripture says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  Who is sharpening you?

Where do you see yourself in the next year?  The next 3-5 years?  Will the people you are currently associating with help you get there?

The truth is, it’s extremely hard to make it on your own.  You need mentors, you need friends, you need associates who will lift you up and become a part of your winning circle.  It may not enough to just do the “right things”;  you have to be with the right people.


Winners hang with winners and losers hang with losers!
Who’s in Your Winner’s Circle?


Stop Talking About it, and Be About it!

Motivation Minute

 “Stop Talking About it, and Be About it!”


Have you been talking about what you are going to do, rather than just doing it?

If so, isn’t it time to stop talking and take action.

Too many people do not take action on their goals.  They have in their mind something they want to do, but that’s as far as it gets!   They have intentions to “some day” get to it, not realizing that someday will never come until they decide to take action.

They live on a fantasy Island called, “Someday Isle”.  Someday I’ll start working out…Someday I’ll go back to school….Someday I’ll start working on that goal.

If that’s you, then get off of Someday Isle!

Take a moment to evaluate your own life.  What have you been thinking about, dreaming about, talking about….but haven’t yet taken action on?

There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough.  It’s time to get to work.

The graveyard is full of books that will never be written, songs that will never be sung, inventions that will never come to be, dreams that will never be lived out.

Why do so many people fail to take action?

The fear of failure prevents many from going for it.  Les Brown is known for asking this question, “If you had to live your life over again again, do you think you could have done more than what you have done thus far?  What we do, what we accomplish, what we produce in life is only the tip of the iceberg for what’s possible.”

What’s possible for you?

Don’t let the fear of failure sabotage your success.   Be one of the few who has fears, but takes action anyway.

In any situation you have both fear and courage.  Even the most courageous people have fear….but they don’t allow it dominate their thinking.  Instead, they allow courage to rule.  Most people allow their fear to rule over their courage.  However, it’s not the absence of fear that you need, it’s having the fear, but moving forward anyway.  It’s being willing to get out of your comfort zone, and willing to take a risk.

Often people don’t take action because they are afraid of what other people might think.  “What if I try and it doesn’t work?”  “What if I’m not successful?”  These are the wrong questions to ask.  Instead ask, “What if it does work?”  What if I am successful?

Marianne Williamson said, “Our deepest fears are not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fears are that we are powerful beyond measure.”

It’s time for you to realize how powerful you are, and how much you CAN accomplish….but you have to take action.

I often talk about “pain of discipline” vs “the pain of regret”.  In life we have two very real pains we must choose from.  The absent of pain is never the goal, because living a pain-free life is simply not possible.  You must choose between having the pain of discipline to move, to act, to get it done; or you choose the pain of regret.  If you don’t act, you don’t exercise discipline and you put off til later what you should do now, you will pay the price of regret….and the pain of regret is much great than the pain of discipline.

So I want you to do me a favor.  Write down 1, 2 or 3 things you have been putting off.  Determine which one is the most important; which one will give you the greatest sense of satisfaction when it’s completed?  Then take action.  Take action today, no matter how small it may be.  And every day after that take action!

The only thing holding you back is YOU!  Take action today!

Never Surrender!

Motivation Minute

“Never Surrender!”

It’s been said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Get through it.  Never surrender.

If you really believe in your cause then you won’t let the circumstances around you determine if you keep going or not.   Don’t listen to the negative voices in your life that are telling you to throw in the towel.  Don’t quit.  Never surrender.  It’s that simple.

It may take you a little longer to get there…you may have unexpected adversity to fight through…perhaps you have setbacks you didn’t account for, but just keep going and don’t stop.

Too many people surrender too soon.  That’s not you!  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Remember, if it were easy, everybody would do it.

Just get through it.  Never surrender.

Don’t let the pain you are going through overtake you and bring you down.  Pain is temporary. Quitting last forever.

So don’t quit on your marriage.  Don’t quit on that business idea.  Don’t quit on your team.   Don’t quit on the dream you once had.   Don’t quit just because you’re not getting the results you thought you’d get. Don’t quit just because things aren’t going the way you thought they would.

You’ve come this far already so don’t stop now.  You’ve experienced difficulty, hardship, pain….you might as well get a reward from it, so just keep going.

Never surrender.

Check out the little cartoon below, and remember to keep fighting and never surrender.  You don’t know how close you are.  You’re breakthrough could be just around the corner!

Never Surrender.
Keep going and never give up. 

The Big Mo!

The Big Mo!  You gotta have it.

Momentum is an incredibly powerful thing.  The word momentum means, “On the move.”.    Whether it’s a team on the move, a church on the move, a business on the move, or a family on the move, becoming unstoppable requires momentum.

In sports, a team that has momentum is on the move, and will take some effort to stop.  A team with momentum plays “over their head”.   That is, they play better than they really are!

Momentum allows you to do greater things than you ever thought possible, and successful people now how to string together wins that create momentum which makes the next battle easier to win.

Make 2016 the year you want it to be by building momentum.

What are the areas in your life where you struggle to get wins?  Is it in your diet?  Exercising?  Budgeting your finances? Being more disciplined with your time?  Whatever it is, YOU CAN achieve great success this year by using the Big MO to your advantage.

Momentum starts with one small victory.

Your job this week is to get just one small win.  Don’t go for the grandiose all at once.  Don’t expect to lose 25 pounds in one week.  You’re not going to immediately eat healthy all the time when you’ve had months and years of unhealthy eating habits.

You have to start small!

You have to get just one win.  When you get it, celebrate it.  And then tell yourself, “just one more win, and the momentum will start to build.”   One small win will lead to another, and then another.  The only way to really become unstoppable in achieving your goals is to build momentum.

Building momentum builds confidence and confidence breeds more confidence.  When the Golden State Warriors started the 2015-2016 season, they set a record for the most wins in a row at the start of a season.  Each game they won gave them more confidence for the next one.  But their momentum during this stretch was because of the momentum they had when they won the 2015 NBA championship.  More than any other team in history, they used that momentum to begin the new season with 24 straight wins!

There are championships you want to win in your life.  It may not be an NBA championship, but for you it’s just as big.   The way you win the big goals you have set, is to first get one small win, and then another, and another, then ride that wave of momentum as far as you can!

Don’t be like so many people out there.

They get a little momentum and then something happens and they experience a setback.

This is so common for people who are trying to lose weight, for example.  They do great for a while, and then they blow it!  They eat that doughnut at the office….or they miss a work out.  Instead of forgetting it, and moving on and getting back on track, they say to themselves, “I’ve already blown it! And they let one defeat lead to another and then another.”

They let negative momentum overtake them and defeat them.  Don’t let this happen to you!  You can stop the negative momentum with one decision.

I am often telling my team, “There are three things you should do with a mistake:
1.  Admit it
2. Learn from it
3. Forget it

When you fall of the wagon, you get back up!

Don’t let one failure completely defeat you.  Get back on your feet, and get that one win; and THIS TIME your goal is to get more wins than you got the last time.   Stop the negative momentum train before it has a chance to really get going.

Once you learn to get positive momentum, you will live differently.    You will make decisions not based on what you want at the moment, but on what your goals are for the future.   You will build the Big Mo one day at a time,  one moment at a time, one decision at a time, one win at a time.

You know what you are capable of.  You know you are capable of so much more.  Just get that one win today….that’s where it all starts!

Become unstoppable with the Big Mo!

Make your decisions based not on what you want at the moment, but on what you really want the most.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have
to get started to be great.”
-Les Brown


“To get momentum, you must first focus on a s
pecific goal with passion and intensity.”
-Donald Trump


“The Law of Momentum says, ‘An object in motion will stay in motion
until it meets a resisting force.’  Push through and be stronger than any resisting force.”
-Evan Carmichael


“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”
-Michael Korda


“As soon as you set your goals, immediately begin to create momentum.”
-Tony Robbins